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5 Benefits of Raxsax waste bags in warehouses

waste bags in warehouses

Fed up with single-use and low-quality bags that rip more often than not? We have a solution for you: our Raxsax waste bags.

Ideal in busy and dynamic environments just like your warehouse, our commercial waste bags will simplify your day-to-day operations and improve your premises’ safety.

Discover all the benefits of waste bags in warehouses.

  1. Reusable heavy-duty waste bags will promote a safer and cleaner environment

At Raxsax, we believe that the most important benefit of waste bags in warehouses is health & safety.

Reduced accidents and improved personal safety

A seemingly innocuous piece of rubbish on the floor could lead to your employees tripping or injuring themselves, especially when you consider their fast-paced routine. Let’s take no chances!

By introducing clear and visible waste points, you’ll promote a safer working environment and reduce hazards.

Cleaner warehouse

Unless you’re striving for a post-apocalyptic vibe, nobody likes a dirty warehouse!

Commercial heavy-duty reusable waste bags will allow you to maintain a cleaner and tidier environment, which can boost productivity and lead to higher job satisfaction.

  1. They’re designed for tough environments

Enough with single-use plastic that rips every time you discard something slightly heavier!

Our Raxsax waste bags are made from heavy-duty 800 weight polyester material: durable, reliable, and even tested down to -30°C to be used in cold stores and freezers.

  1. They involve different attachments

One of the benefits of waste bags in warehouses is that they can cater to all kinds of settings.

When you invest in our Raxsax, you get to choose between bungee fixing (ideal for brace holes and beam connection slots) and steel S hooks (racking slots and bracing node points) for free.

On top of that, every Raxsax waste bag comes with strong steel location eyelets to attach it to even more spots.

Finally, should you wish to keep a bag on your forklifts or other moving vehicles inside and outside your warehouse, you can look at our Truck Raxsax, too.

  1. There are different sizes of warehouse reusable waste bags to cater to all needs

Every warehouse has different requirements. There’s absolutely no need to invest in a waste bag that’s too big for your premises, but you also don’t want to run the risk of filling it too quickly.

That’s why we’ve created different Raxsax sizes:

  1. Additional reusable waste bags features

These were the main and most practical benefits of waste bags in warehouses, but our Raxsax offers even more possibilities.

In fact, it helps you promote warehouse safety and visibility even further by being available in different colours (black, blue, green, red and yellow), which obviously facilitates recycling, too.

Or you can choose to have your logo added to your Raxsax warehouse reusable waste bags to increase brand recognition.

Discover even more Raxsax features and benefits of heavy-duty waste bags.


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