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Benefits of Reusable Industrial Bags

Industrial premises are fast-paced environments where safety is key; not a place for low-quality bags that will tear whenever you discard something slightly heavier!

Instead, reusable industrial bags like our Raxsax can really make a difference when it comes to safety and organisation.

Here are the benefits of reusable waste bags in industrial settings such as factories and other production facilities.

  1. Strong and durable waste bags

Forget about thin, single-use plastic!

Heavy duty reusable waste bags

Our reusable waste bags are made of heavy-duty 800 weight polyester and tested down to -30°C.

Technically, this means you could use them in the North Pole throughout the entire year, but your cold stores and freezers will do too

Either way, they’re sturdy, reliable, and made to last.

Reusable = more sustainable

Investing in reusable industrial bags also means that your company will do its part for the planet.

Instead of sending more plastic bags to landfills every day, you’ll get to reuse our Raxsax for a very long time.

  1. Versatile reusable waste bags

With our reusable industrial bags, you really won’t need to compromise.

In fact, we’ve created Raxsax models that can meet different requirements and preferences.

Waste bags in three sizes…

… and with different attachments

Every Raxsax bag comes with steel location eyelets so that you can easily attach it at the end of your racking aisles, but that’s not all.

While the Truck Raxsax includes velcro and hoops, you can choose between two types of attachments for any of our traditional models (free of charge):

  • Bungee fixing
  • Steel S hooks
  1. Customizable

Since at Raxsax we know that every industrial setting is different, the levels of customization of our durable warehouse bags don’t end with sizes and attachments.


Our reusable industrial bags are available in black, blue, green, red, and yellow to allow every premises to use a contrasting hue against its background.

This will also help you and your employees keep different types of waste separated and organised.


Our Raxsax can also reinforce your brand identity and recognition. In fact, we offer the option of personalising it with your logo.

  1. Improved safety

From their tougher construction to the increased visibility, one of the most important benefits of reusable industrial bags is that they help you keep your premises safe.

In such dynamic environments, bits of rubbish on the floor are accidents or injuries waiting to happen!

Keeping them clean and tidy with our durable warehouse bags will allow you to promote workplace safety, too.

Shop our Raxsax reusable industrial bags, or get in touch to find out more about them and our convenient quantity discounts.

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