waste bags promote personal safety

Raxsax Waste Bags Promote Personal Safety

waste bags promote personal safety

Sometimes that’s all it takes: a piece of rubbish under an employee’s shoe while they’re carrying a heavy load, and… there you have it! An accident that could have easily been avoided.

Luckily, practical rubbish disposal solutions like our Raxsax waste bags can help you create and maintain a safe working environment.

Reduce Accidents & Promote Personal Safety in Warehouses and Factories

We’re confident that you already follow all the major procedures to keep your industrial premises safe, from regular training to reliable pallet racking systems.

However, it’s easy to forget about humble rubbish disposal.

As we’ve already established, though, this can lead to unpleasant accidents. Not only that: nobody wants to work in a dirty environment!

Clutter has actually been proven to cause a significant decrease in satisfaction among older adults, while a tidy and clean warehouse is key to a happier and more productive workforce.

Raxsax waste bags features

While you can always find out even more about our Raxsax features, we thought we’d focus on those that are most relevant to your premises’ safety.

Strong warehouse bags

First of all, remember that we’re talking about durable reusable warehouse bags.

Unlike lower-quality alternatives or single-use plastic bags, our Raxsax is made of heavy-duty 800 weight polyester. This means that it won’t rip when it’s almost full nor when you discard heavier items.

Right attachments

Whether you need them by your beam connection slots, racking slot points, or another spot, the wrong kind of bag attachment could lead to them falling and becoming a potential hazard.

That’s why our strong warehouse bags come with different attachments to meet any premises’ requirements:

  • Every bag features steel location eyelets, perfect to attach them at the end of your racking aisles
  • You can then choose between bungee fixing or steel S hooks (included in the price)
  • As for our Truck Raxsax, it always comes with practical velcro hoops

Increased visibility

An entirely black bag against a black background? Easy to miss. Instead, our Raxsax waste bags are designed with visibility in mind.

As well as a noticeable symbol and message (‘Keep your workplace tidy’), they’re available in five different colours: black, blue, green, red, and yellow.

This means that you can easily find the right contrasting hue for the spot where you’re planning on placing them.

Take the first step towards safer industrial premises by finding the right Raxsax waste bags for your needs.

Did we mention that we offer unmissable quantity discounts? Contact us for any other question you might have.


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