Raxsax commercial and industrial waste bags

Reusable Commercial Waste Bags vs Plastic Bags

Reusable Commercial Waste Bags

Just like we’ve been moving on from single-use shopping bags in stores, the time has come to say goodbye to plastic alternatives in your work, production, or industrial setting, too. The era of commercial waste bags has already begun, and trust us: you really don’t want to miss out!

Why we advise against using plastic bags for commercial waste

Plastic bags are no longer a wise or convenient choice when it comes to disposing of rubbish in your workplace safely and efficiently:

  • Because they’re designed to be a single-use solution, they’re terribly unreliable: from heavier items to sharper edges, it won’t take much for them to rip when you discard something in them. This isn’t just plain annoying but dangerous too. In fact, items on the floor are an accident waiting to happen in busy environments like your workplace
  • While their individual price is rather cheap, replacing them daily or even multiple times a day will translate into a costly solution at the end of the year
  • Chucking non-biodegradable plastic bags into landfills on an ongoing basis is most definitely not the most eco-friendly idea

Raxsax commercial and industrial waste bags

Raxsax commercial and industrial waste bags

At Raxsax, we’ve created a selection of commercial waste bags to solve every single problem created by plastic options.

Here’s how our Raxsax can be the right game-changing solution for your commercial waste needs.

Our heavy-duty reusable industrial bags

Raxsax commercial and industrial waste bags
  • All of our Raxsax models are designed and made to last! Relying on heavy-duty 800 weight polyester material and tested down to -30°C, they’re strong bags that you can trust regardless of how heavy or pointy your rubbish items happen to be
  • Instead of replacing them every other day, you’ll save money in the long run thanks to a one-time investment. Have you got several rubbish disposal points? Then you can even make the most of our quantity discounts
  • By choosing a reusable alternative, your company will also be doing its part for the environment

As well as solving the most annoying problems behind plastic alternatives, commercial waste bags like our Raxsax also result in a more practical and versatile experience:\

  • They’ll fit nicely and safely no matter where you need to place them, from the end of racking aisles to moving vehicles and much more. This is because they are available with different attachments: you can choose between bungee fixing and steel s-hooks
  • Our commercial waste bags come in different styles and sizes too, such as the Large Raxsax (1200mm x 800mm), the Small Raxsax (1000mm x 600mm), and the Truck Raxsax (600mm x 600mm)
  • You can customise them even further and maximise visibility by choosing among different colours (black, blue, green, red, and yellow), and why not increase brand recognition by including your logo on them?

Like shopping bags, straws, and water bottles, single-use plastic bags belong to the past. Start looking towards the future with the right commercial waste bags for your specific needs!

Shop our Raxsax or get in touch with our team to find out more about our quantity discounts and options.

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