Strong, reusable warehouse rubbish bags save you money

Strong, reusable warehouse rubbish bags save you money

Trust us: we’ve created our strong and reusable warehouse rubbish bags because we know exactly how challenging these environments can be.

Strong, reusable warehouse rubbish bags save you money

Heavy items discarded in a rush, waste disposal bags needing to be moved around… Most definitely not the place for thin plastic options that break or fall down more often than not.

In such a fast-paced and potentially dangerous environment, you need some reliable warehouse rubbish bags that you can actually trust.

In other words, some strong and durable waste bags that you can reuse over and over and still won’t break. Introducing… our Raxsax!

So, just how strong are warehouse Raxsax?

Warehouse rubbish bags

So strong that you can ask your muscliest employee to try and punch through them and they still won’t break.

However, since we actually advise against that to avoid potential accidents or competitive sprees, we thought we’d also tell you something more objective.

Specifically, our warehouse Raxsax are made of heavy-duty 800 weight polyester.

Not only that, but we’ve tested them down to -30°C to ensure that you can also use them in your freezer or cold store should you wish to.

Other perks of introducing durable Raxsax in your warehouse

While strength and durability are obviously essential, there are other reasons why our reusable Raxsax are the most logical choice in your warehouse.

Save money with our reusable warehouse Raxsax

Sure, the price per bag of plastic alternatives is lower, but have you thought about how much it costs to replace them every single day or, in the busiest warehouses, multiple times a day? It really adds up in the long run.

When you choose a reusable warehouse rubbish bag, on the other hand, you make a wise investment: a one-off payment for something you’ll get to use on an ongoing basis.

Does your waste management include several disposal points? Or perhaps you need a solution for more than one branch? Our durable Raxsax will save you even more money thanks to our convenient quantity discounts.

Do your part for the environment and boost employee morale

Disposing of more and more single-use plastic bags isn’t only bad news for your budget but for the planet, too.
By choosing reusable Raxsax, your company will be even greener.

At Raxsax, we believe that sustainability is an important aspect to consider, and 87% of employees agree with us. Make yours proud to work for a company with an eco-friendly ethos!

Stop compromising

Plastic bags and low-quality options don’t offer you anywhere near as much flexibility and customisation as our warehouse rubbish bags. Why compromise when you can choose amongst so many options and focus on the ones that work for your specific needs and setting?

Our Raxsax are available in three different sizes and models: small (1000mm x 600mm), large (1200mm x 800mm), and for trucks (600mm x 600mm).

They also come with one complimentary set of attachments that, depending on where you’re planning on placing yours, can either be steel s-hooks or elastic bungee fixings.

And let’s not forget about visibility, a key factor to promote safety and ensure that your employees never miss your waste disposal points: to maximise it against your specific background, our Raxsax bags come in five different colours.

Shop your new warehouse Raxsax or contact us if you have any questions.

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