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Top Raxsax Waste Bags Features

It doesn’t matter whether it’s your warehouse, factory, or another type of work premises: if you’re trying to keep them clean and hazard-free, our commercial heavy-duty reusable waste bags are the most logical and convenient solution!

Discover the top qualities of our Raxsax reusable waste bags to see how they will benefit your work setting.

Quality and durability waste bags

The main difference between our Raxsax and single-use plastic alternatives or other lower-quality factory waste bags is that our product is designed to last for a long time without disappointing you.

In fact, all of our Raxsax models involve heavy-duty 800 weight polyester material. This means that they won’t rip, not even when you need to discard heavier or bulkier items. 

We’ve also tested our commercial heavy-duty reusable waste bags down to -30°C should you wish to use them in your cold store or freezer.


At Raxsax, we know that each work or production premises have different requirements. That’s why we’ve created Raxsax models in several sizes to match your specific situation:

For added versatility, you can also attach them to all kinds of places: every Raxsax features some steel location eyelets that allow you to place them at the end of your racking aisle.

With each factory waste bag, you also get to choose between two types of attachments for free: bungee fixing or steel S hooks. This lets you place them by brace holes, beam connection slots, racking slot points, bracing node points, and other spots, too.

As for the Truck Raxsax, it comes with practical velcro and hoops.


Because they’re reusable waste bags, our Raxsax models are also more sustainable than single-use options.

You’ll be using them for many years instead of disposing of a new one every single day, so this means that your company will be doing its part for the environment. High five!


One of our best waste bags features is that we can customise them, including different sizes of reusable waste bags, the Raxsax can be customised even further to match your needs and preferences.

Commercial heavy-duty waste bags in different colours

Our Raxsax reusable waste bags are currently available in black, blue, green, red, and yellow.

This means that you can easily find a colour that improves visibility by contrasting against its background and separate different types of waste more effectively.

Enhanced brand recognition

With all of our Raxsax models, we also offer you the option of personalising your factory waste bags by adding your company logo, the perfect opportunity to enhance your brand recognition.

Looking for the best commercial waste bags? Contact us to learn more about our waste bags features and to find the right reusable waste bags for your premises and make the most of our competitive quantity discount: shop our Raxsax today!

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